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Your dream has come true: you live in Paris. Its historical heritage, lively terraces and streets, trendy areas and shops, lovely gardens and buildings… are yours at last. But how can you take advantage of everything and become rapidly a Parisian by adoption?

Bienvenue à Paris has set up for you a  Parisian network ,  all found of their city and wishing to introduce you to the “French Art de vivre” and “French Culture” through their hobbies, activities and  share their way of life.

Bienvenue à Paris is a private club including members coming from all around the world and encouraging friendly and convivial exchanges, by welcoming them in Parisian homes where authenticity and un-formal atmosphere are preserved.

You want to take advantage of your stay in Paris? We have prepared for you a diversified program during the day, the evening and the week-end (in order to fit in your agenda). Alone, or with your companion or your friends, you will participate to the activities you have selected, organized around different themes: cooking, wine tasting, architecture, sports, music, culture, handicrafts… You don’t need to be fluent in French even if most of the activities are held in French, we are ready to help you learning it !

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A dynamic and enthusiastic Parisian team who have developed and improved diversified skills and center of interests, besides their professional and mother lives, such as: cooking, wine tasting, architecture, sewing, gymnastics, embroidery, porcelain painting

We are willing to share these center of interests with you!


As a daughter of a former Diplomat, I have lived abroad, for more than 20 years, changing my environment every 3 – 4 years.
I have always loved meeting people, coming from all around the world, discovering new countries and learning how to cope with different cultures. It was and is still a challenge for me to find out the keys in order to understand the way of life of the places I moved for.
By creating « Bienvenue à Paris », a structure dedicated to newcomers in Paris, I find again this multicultural and friendly atmosphere and I can pass the values of welcoming and sharing which are so important in one’s life.


I always practiced sports intensely, even in competition. It has not stop me from having 6 children and rising the challenge of staying in good shape and great form! After my nurse degree and my sports instructor certificate, I worked for 5 years at the Gymnasium Club. Then,I started to give personalized coaching classes. Using my diplomas and my diversified experiences, I offer sessions of “muscle building” completed by stretching and accompanied by simple nutritional and postural advices to improve the quality of daily life.


I moved with my family to New York for ten years, and that’s when I started working as a wine merchant and lead wine tastings for Americans.
I have an American certificate “Certified Wine Specialist” of the Society of Educators and a British graduate of the Advanced WSET (Wine and Spirit Education Trust).
Since my return to Paris in 2011, I wanted to continue to share my passion for wine by creating an events company around wine and organizing different themes of tastings. Small groups encourage social interaction and maintain interactivity between participants.


When I was 18 years old, I moved to Boston for a year and it is, at that time, that I started to cook for the others. My host family and their guests have found delicious my cooking and they recommended me to their friends as a cook for their receptions.
Subsequently, I trained in a pastry laboratory and in a restaurant.
I like to give cooking classes because it allows me to pass my love for this activity, by sharing my “tricks” and allowing you to cook your own recipes, depending upon your needs.

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Bienvenue à Paris is delighted to welcome you as a future member, bringing together participants from all nationalities to encourage the multicultural exchanges in a convivial and friendly atmosphere. Membership is open to all persons having some knowledge of French, English, Spanish, Italian, even if it is not their mother tongue. Click “ Contact us”!

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