Join us and take care of your well-being and well-living in Paris !

Dear Members and Friends,

Summer holidays have arrived with their longer and warm evenings and friendly moments… Do not forget, when you are discussing at the aperitif with your family and friends, to tell them the good times spent with Bienvenue in Paris in order to encourage them to join us …

Next September, I will invite you to join us to share some “enchanted” parentheses, discovering, in a friendly atmosphere, unusual Parisian places and artists of great talent …

We will also discover the gastronomy with cooking workshops and oenological evenings on selected themes and share well-being activities with workshops and weekly sports sessions of fitness and Nordic walking.

Each activity is selected carefully  to allow you to explore Paris by discovering exclusive and unusual universes and meeting rich and passionate personalities while sharing warm and friendly moments.

During this summertime, I will continue to:

  • Search for secret and unusual places to share with you,
  • Imagine different workshops to explore French and international gastronomy,
  • Find new ideas to cheer you up and encourage you to take care of your moral and physical well-being,
  • Organize convivial and warm events to spend good times together

Above all, do not forget to follow this advise :

To be on holiday is to have nothing to do and to have plenty of time to do it!”

I wish you a lovely summer.


Paris is a real ocean, throw the probe into it, you will never know its depth.” – Honoré de Balzac

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